La Maison

Capri is where everything started for us.
Everyday its energy, colours and scents give life to something extraordinary and unique, which we lovingly turn into jewels. Chantecler wouldn’t be the same company it is today if Capri, as well as being the focal point of our equilibrium, were not also at the centre of a world that marks time and influences styles.
Our Island has from time immemorial been a meeting place for influential people; cover story divas and prominent intellectuals bestowing the international appeal that makes it so special and that has given us the privilege to grow there.

High Jewelry

"We strive for our jewels to reflect timeless, yet modern beauty.
We are children of Capri and have been lucky enough to grow up within a family that has made aesthetic sense a value, allowing us to succeed in fulfilling this very objective. Thanks to the craftsmanship secrets handed down from our father and safeguarded with pride, our values are mirrored in each Chantecler creation: jewels designed to evoke passion, joyfulness and infinite joie de vivre from the first time they are worn and all the times to follow."
Gabriele, Maria Elena, Costanza Aprea


Chantecler knows women and their passion for fashion quite well and that is why its jewels are so modern in terms of shapes and colors, always leading characters in female beauty and elegance.


After almost seventy years the Campanelle still are Chantecler's most precious icons, a wide and extraordinary variety of collections, types and colors.

Silver Collection

Silver encounters High Jewelry. Et voilà! The authentic spirit of crafted fine jewels from Capri is brought back to life. With a pinch of novelty this lighthearted collection ignites new emotions. Silver, enamels and precious gems: joy becomes a luxury to be savoured every day.


As in our jewels, in our boutiques as well the attention to details is extremely attentive, even in the smallest particular, in order to welcome our friends with the same Capri warmth and affection.


Customer service

Monday to Friday, working hours: 9-13 and 14-18.

via dei Piatti 9
+39 02 87 245 800